April 21



Reaching   for Relationships not Religion

Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019


Prelude, “Ten Thousand   Angels” 

- Katherine (piano), Becky (clarinet)

Welcome and Announcements

“Low in the Grave He Lay” #118

“Christ the Lord is Risen   Today” #114


Prayer and Offertory, “Hallelujah   for the Cross” 

- Katherine (piano), Becky (clarinet)

“Living Water”

“Living Hope”

“Lion and the Lamb”


“Why He Came”, Luke 22-24, Pastor   Dan Dilley

“He Lives ” #438

Postlude, “Majesty”

- Katherine (piano), Becky (clarinet)


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Message Notes:

1. Explain how Jesus is the  Passover Lamb

2. Why did Jesus  allow the soldiers to abuse Him?

3. What did the thief  on the cross do to gain paradise?

4. Why is the torn veil significant?

5. Why did the Father forsake His Son?

6. How do we know   that Jesus was raised in a physical body?

7. What OT books did Jesus refer to?

8. Because He has  been raised we shall be

Next week’s Scripture reading: Luke 17 – 20:26